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      History and Development

of the Singapore Society of Nephrology

I have been asked to record the history of the Singapore Society of Nephrology for the inauguration of this Website. The Society has been in existence for the past 36 years (since 1972). The development of Nephrology as a specialty can be said to date from the establishment of the Department of Renal Medicine at the Singapore General Hospital in 1973.

The Beginning

The main stimulus to form a Society of Nephrology was the desire on our part to organise a scientific meeting for Nephrologists in the region, and to get to know our counterparts in neighbouring countries. Prof Khoo Oon Teik who was then Professor of Medicine at the University of Singapore was the prime mover for such a meeting. Hence on the 28 November 1972 an inaugural meeting was called to form the Singapore Society of Nephrology. It was held at the Brunel Hawes Lecture Theatre Medical Unit II in Bowyer block of the old Singapore General Hospital. At the meeting, the following were elected office bearers:

President : Dr Lim Cheng Hong
Vice President : Dr B T M Chen
Hon Secretary : Dr Feng Pao Hsii
Hon Treasurer : Dr Wong Nang Eong
Committee Members : Dr Foong Weng Cheong
Dr R Sinniah
Hon Auditor : Dr Gary Tan

The First Colloquium

With the formation of the Society, members began the work of organising the first meeting of Nephrologists in this region. It was named the 1st Colloquium in Nephrology and the dates selected for the meeting was 15 November to 17 November 1974. The meeting was a great success and was attended by Nephrologists from the region, extending to India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. Prof Priscilla Kincaid-Smith who was the incumbent President of the International Society of Nephrology was one of the invited speakers. The Colloquium was the forerunner of a regular series, held once every two years, and moving from country to country in South-East Asia as well as East Asia.

The 11th Colloquium was held again in Singapore from 26th to 30th September 1996. The Colloquium has established and has fulfilled our goal of providing a forum for the younger nephrologists in the region to present the results of their research, as well as to establish social and professional ties.

In addition, the Colloquium has also spawned a larger meeting to encompass the Asian Pacific region, leading to the 1st Asian Pacific Congress in Nephrology in Tokyo on 19 – 20 October 1979. This meeting was followed by the 2nd Congress in Melbourne in February 1983 where the Society made a successful bid to host the 3rd Asian Pacific Congress. This meeting was held in Singapore from 5 – 10 October 1986. The Society has been an affiliate of the International Society since 1974. The largest and the most prestigious meeting organized by the Society was the 3rd World Congress in Nephrology (also known as the 18th International Congress of Nephrology) held in Singapore from 26th to 30th June 2005. This meeting put Singapore on the global map of nephrology.

The Society has played a major role in stimulating interest in Nephrology in the region. Members of the Society today set the standards for the practice of Nephrology in Singapore and play an important role in the training of nephrologists.


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Onward Journey

The Singapore Society of Nephrology has entered its thirty-sixth year. It has developed from an idea in the minds of the early pioneers of nephrology in Singapore, born out of the desire to promote and impart the concepts and practice of Renal Medicine. Nurtured by the hard work of our predecessors it has grown to it’s present form.

The SSN counts amongst it’s members not only nephrologists but urologists, renal pathologists, general practitioners, biochemists, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, coordinators and other paramedical staff.

We have been building on a solid foundation to consolidate our assets and to widen our horizons, always encompassing the rapid changes occuring in Nephrology in Singapore. Dissemination of facts and debate and discussion of issues relevant to Renal Medicine will be the basis of the Executive Committee’s plan for action in the coming year. The SSN’s logo (designed by Prof Evan Lee) will give us a rallying point; this Website will inform and update, and the Scientific Meetings will enable us to mingle and stimulate our minds. Much has been done. Much more can be done with the active participation of all our members.