Best Oral Presentation

The Best Oral Presentation was traditionally awarded to the trainee with the best oral presentation during the Nephrology Advanced Specialty Training (NAST) Meeting, which had its first session in 2006. This tradition continued after the NAST meeting became incorporated into the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Singapore Society of Nephrology in 2010 and continues till this day.


Year Recipients
2006 Dr Adrian Liew
Simultaneous external cuff shaving with exit site relocation is effective in the treatment of chronic exit site infection (TTSH)
2007 Dr Yeo Wee Song
Characterization of DEC1 Gene in the CD4+ T cells of children with relapse of minimal change nephrotic syndrome (Paeds, NUH)
2008 Dr Manish Kaushik
Epidemiology of Varicella zoster infection in adult renal transplant recipients (SGH)
2009 Dr Ng Kar Hui
A novel TRPC6 gain-of-function mutation may cause focal segmental glomerulosclerosis through altered interactions with podocin and nephrin (Paeds, NUH)
2010 Dr Christopher Leo
Determining patient factors influencing the switch from conservative to dialysis therapy (TTSH)
2011 Dr Sobhana Thangaraju
An experiment using commonly used continuous replacement therapy machines in parallel with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (SGH)
2012 Dr Irene Mok
Use of expanded criteria donors gives significantly poorer long term graft survival (SGH)
2013 Dr Anne Ng
Enhanced Solute Clearance with Micro Turbulent Flow in Hollow Fiber Dialyser using Standard Dialysis Equipment (CGH)
2014 Dr Chan Gek Cher
Novel Biomarkers of Kidney Injury Improve Prediction of Kidney Function Decline over Albuminuria (NUH)
2015 Dr Tai Yinxia
Efficacy of open thrombectomy versus percutaneous thrombolysis for occluded arteriovenous fistulae (TTSH)
2016 Dr Liu Peiyun
Infections in hospitalised lupus nephritis patients: characteristics, risk factors and outcomes (SGH)
2017 Dr Low Sanmay
In-Hospital Acute Kidney Injury and Mortality Prediction
2018 Dr Tan Jia Neng
When Should We Treat Hepatitis E in Renal Transplant Patients?
2021 Dr Wong Siow-Yi
Risk Prediction Equation for Incident CKD In a Hypertensive Non-Diabetic Singaporean Cohort
2023 Dr Koh Chee Teck
Schema For Resolution of Genetic Variants of Uncertain Significance in Patients with Suspected Genetic Glomerulopaties in Southeast and South Asians: The Dragon Study