World Kidney Day


World Kidney Day


World Kidney Day (WKD) is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. Its mission is to raise awareness of the importance of the kidneys to overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. The second Thursday of March each year has been designated as WKD and the first WKD was held on 9 Mar 2006. Every year, the campaign focuses on a different theme.

The SSN coordinates activities, together with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF), to commemorate the event in Singapore each year. The activities include seminars for family physicians (SSN/NKF) and nurses (SSN/NKF/Singapore Nursing Association) and public forums (KDF). Unique events included a World Kidney Day Fair in 2008 and KDF’s Amazing Kidney Race in 2010.

World Kidney Day Fair at National Library (2008)

Past themes include:

2006   Are your kidneys OK?

2007   Chronic Kidney Disease: Common, harmful and treatable

2008   Your amazing kidneys!

2009   Protect your kidneys: Keep your pressure down

2010   Protect your kidneys: Control diabetes!

2011   Protect your kidneys: Save your heart

2012   Donate – Kidneys for Life – Receive

2013   Kidneys for Life – Stop Kidney Attack!

2014   Chronic Kidney Disease and Aging

2015   Kidney Health for All

2016   Kidney Disease & Children – Act Early to Prevent It!

2017   Kidney Disease and Obesity – Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys